Virtual Appliances and the New Datacenter

Virtual Appliances and the New Datacenter

At VMworld 2007 I presented a breakout session on the subject. You can read more about the content of this session on this post here.

What I presented was a subset of a PPT deck that I have been using for some time to describe this potential game changer concept and paradigm shift. As I mentioned in the blog post referenced above this is not a presentation about “how to” build a virtual appliance or similar technical details… it is more an effort to outline the effects that the adoption of this new concept could lead us to.

Of course, as usual, feedbacks and comments are more than welcome.


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  • […] Joking aside I was sitting at the VMworld 2008 Keynote in Las Vegas back on Monday last week and I was somewhat surprised (perhaps even pleased) to see Paul touching on many innovative concepts I have been talking about last year at VMworld 2007 in my breakout session. Those of you that are entitled to download the official VMworld presentations can find it searching on the portal for session number S288511 (Virtual Appliances and the New Datacenter: Changing the Rules); those of you that do not have an account on the VMworld portal can get a similar (superset) version here. […]

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