The Cloud Magic Rectangle ™

This isn’t the counter argument to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (I think). Oh, and notice I am not even going into the “this is cloud, this is not cloud” type of discussions. How boring? World peace folks, everything is cloud, even my bike (according to the NIST definition anyway).

In all seriousness it is . . . → Read More: The Cloud Magic Rectangle ™

Will we need a C for Nicira? God forbid!

This morning I was on the phone with Ivan Pepelnjak (@ioshints) to decipher some of the paragraphs in one of his latest posts on Nicira Open vSwitch inside vSphere. He always has to bear with my stupid questions so I can see him (virtually), from time to time, facepalming some of my questions. Long . . . → Read More: Will we need a C for Nicira? God forbid!

The ABC of Lock-In

There have been a lot of discussions lately about a topic I find extremely interesting: vendor lock-in.

Multi-hypervisor is a discipline where you can apply the high level ranting below but you can really apply it to pretty much everything in IT.

I started this blog . . . → Read More: The ABC of Lock-In