vCloud Director: Catalog Experiments

One of the promise of cloud computing is the simplification through standardization of deployments. A major role in this is played by the vCloud Director Catalog. In vCloud Director version 1.0 the catalog is a collection of vApps and media files. If you are familiar with vSphere think of vApp templates as vSphere . . . → Read More: vCloud Director: Catalog Experiments

vCloud Director Networking for Dummies

During the Beta phase of vCloud Director (aka Redwood) I put together a small deck called “Redwood Networking for Dummies”. I have received a number of positive feedbacks so I decided to turn that document into a blog post. Networking in vCloud Director is certainly a controversial matter. I believe it is fair . . . → Read More: vCloud Director Networking for Dummies

vSphere, vCloud and the Meaning of being “Open”

This article was originally posted on the VMware vCloud corporate blog. I am re-posting here for the convenience of the readers of my personal blog.

This year’s VMworld was crazier than ever—and a return to our geekier roots. And, as I promised in an earlier post, this year’s event would . . . → Read More: vSphere, vCloud and the Meaning of being “Open”